Who we are

Itineraries Abruzzo” It born from the passion for a region that never ceases to amaze.

We are an association of culture and tourism of social promotion founded by two guys who were born and raised in Abruzzo, who they have explored every corner of this amazing region moved by love for his art and nature jewels. But too often we have realized how other people, inside and outside its region, They knew these little treasures.

Convinced that the protection and conservation of these beauties necessarily passes through a path of knowledge and a sense of belonging, we have designed a series of routes that allow you to discover the most beautiful places of Abruzzo, from the more known to the less known.

We will accompany you to the discovery of the Benedictine monasteries in the green, hermitages set on vertiginous cliffs, deep canyons carved over thousands of years by rivers, karst caves within the mountain and majestic peaks that dominate the Apennines, the historical evidence of a glorious past and sedimented legends in popular fabric.

All this and much more you will find in Abruzzo.

The team:

Tiziana December (President)

profilo_tizianaTourist guide enrolled in the Region of Abruzzo and Environmental Hiking Guide AIGAE entitled to enforce under the law 4/2013. The profession of tourist guide is for me the natural culmination of a course of studies in Art History and a visceral passion for the beauty of places where the work of man is combined with nature in a magical combination. After years of turning the Abruzzo, visiting the monuments of excellence and seeking its lesser known places and perhaps that is the most charming, combining a passion for hiking with that for history and art, I wanted to make this knowledge a profession, driven by the belief that the culture of an area is the largest resource for a conscious future of the community and for individual interior enrichment.

Massari Alessio (Vice president)

Massari Alessio

Environmental Guide AIGAE licensed to practice under the Act 4/2013 and Director of the biotope and Botanical Garden Mediterranean San Salvo. My passion for hiking born since childhood and has been consolidated over the years, also thanks to the good fortune to live in a region that fans like me has so much to offer. True to my nature, I obtained my bachelor's degree in Natural Sciences and Master of Science in Environmental Science (of terrestrial ecosystems management). Driven by love for the so-called green region of Europe, my intent is to allow, who because of laziness or lack of interest has not yet done, to get close to nature and to hiking in an experiential way, capable of giving a total psycho-physical well-being.

Federica Mottini (Secretary)

Degree in geographical sciences,  my passion for the protection and enhancement of the environment was established many years ago.  I was involved in waste management both as an environmental educator in schools, and professionally in the public and private sectors. Being Abruzzo Doc love my territory from all points of view and try to live everything that this extraordinary region offers us. Routes d'Abruzzo is the opportunity to share all this with other people with the same interests…United in a common passion!